London shop / showroom

Our fabulous new London shop and showroom located in the heart of the East end of London. 

24th December: 12:00–16:00 

25th–29th December: Closed

30th December: 12:00–18:00

1st–2nd January: Close

3rd January: Re-open as normal hours below

Normal opening hours:

12:00–19:00 Saturday
12:00–18:00 Sunday
Closed Monday
12:00–19:00 Tuesday
12:00–19:00 Wednesday
12:00–19:00 Thursday
12:00–19:00 Friday

8 Kingsland Road
E2 8DA

Tel: +44 (0)20 7033 0352 

About Us

39-39 / thank you! thank you! is a co-operative lifestyle and retail concept consisting of an online platform and physical shop space located at 8 Kingsland Road, London. Set up by three creative friends, acting as one entity, the shop will feature unique ideas, collaborations and exclusive products to be developed in association with friends and family whom they adore.

Primarily a retail space it will also function as a showroom and gallery to promote artists. 3939 shop is a truly independent project with an idea to offer something different, incorporating a unique point of view, discovering, creating and promoting unknown gems. If you want to contact us, write to us at

39-39 /サンキュー!サンキュー! は、気の合うフレンズ&ファミリーと一緒にユニークな物、コラボアイテム、限定趣向品等を製作、紹介していくロンドンを拠点に展開するオンライン&ライフスタイルブティックです。ライフスタイルブティックとしてだけではなく、ショールーム&ギャラリーとして活用出来るマルチプラットフォームスペースです。コンタクト先

Wholesales Enquiry

We're an exclusive distributor for Fashionary for the UK market. If you are interested in stocking at your store, please feel free to contact us at , we will come back to you promptly. 


Please check out the exhibitions page to see our current show.
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